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Security Systems

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Security Systems

Sasa Telkom Limited offers offers crucial solutions in CCTV Surveillance, Access Control, Intruder Alarms, Electric Fence and other security applications ensuring your safety both within and without.

Proven Security Access Control Technologies

We support organizations to meet their business continuity requirements and ensure they meet their compliance regulations. In so doing, we work closely with architects, design consultants, mechanical and electrical engineers. Sasa Telkom Limited provides Wiegand, proximity, magnetic stripe, infra-red, hands-free, bar code, biometric and smart card reading technologies. Moreover, our controllers and administration platforms possess the ability to detect tamper conditions, as well.

Our identity and privacy solutions provide secure access to sensitive company data and information, and facilitate agile electronic business processes alongside Business Continuity. In conclusion, Threat Mitigation and Data Security, Identity and Privacy, Compliance and Training, likewise, are vital offerings.

Are you part of the decision makers in Security Applications? We are here for you!.

Features offered in our Security systems package include:-

• CCTV Cameras Installations and Remote Set Up • Alarm Systems
• Bio Metric Systems
• IP Cameras

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