Communicating with customers, suppliers and partners is essential to any business today.

But with so much more of your business’s critical data moving online or to the cloud, choosing the right technology partner is more important than ever before.

With Sasa Telkom Ltd, you’ve found a partner that you can truly depend on to manage all your business’s critical communications, data, tools and applications.

A partner with:

Local knowledge and expertise: We are a proudly African, privately owned, independent company

A network like no other: As a single network, we offer faster speeds, more reliability and tighter security than other networks

An extensive range of products and services: We provide affordable and accessible solutions for businesses of all sizes

Owning our network infrastructure doesn’t just mean we control the quality and standard of service to your business. It also means we can tailor our services to match your individual requirements and targets – and find a commercial model that best suits your business.

By letting us manage your full communications portfolio, we guarantee to reduce your overall telecoms expenditure.