IT is becoming the answer to most of the business critical issues that face companies today.CEO’s and other executives are demanding more from IT systems. The increased role of top-level management brings into play the need for ICT managers to collaborate with ICT providers who have the expertise and track record of happy customers. This is where SASA TELKOM comes in. Founded in 2015, and with a simple vision specialist IT Services and Solutions that help clients Plan, Build, Support and Manage their IT infrastructures. Today, SASA TELKOM is positioned at the forefront of networking and communications in Kenya.

Our strength in Network Design and System Integration are well recognized by industry players and end-users globally. Our highly qualified engineering and R&D team who collaborates with other industry players to develop and design the most advance state-of-the art technologies and tools to ensure the success of ourselves and our clients in their respective projects.

In SASA TELKOM, we believe that the modern IT works are complex and need collaboration among IT technology owners. Our engineering teams already have been certified by most out-branded companies, CISCO, JUNIPER, SUN, MS, ORACLE to fulfill our clients’ expectations and corporate desires.